does borax kill ants

Does Borax Kill Ants?

We’ve all heard about Borax being used to kill and get rid of ants; but how does Borax works on these ants?

Borax doesn’t kill them immediately; it works gradually and takes its own time to affect the ants and ultimately kill them.

Also, did you know that using Borax alone won’t get you the desired results? You have to mix it with other sweeter substances to create bait for these ants.

Eye-opening right? Keep reading to find out more on how you can use Borax to kill these ants.

We’ve also included two extremely easy and DIY Borax recipes for you so that you can have an ants-free home quickly and for an extended period.

Does Borax Kill Ants?

Borax is definitely one of the best methods in order to kill ants.

But, you need to mix the borax with sugar, honey, or some edible sugary product because it needs to be an attraction for the ants since Borax is not a food source for them.

It can be said that Borax can be a great killer for ants; however, it will only help if you mix it with some sweet substance, as ants are not attracted to Borax alone; although, it will act as the best killer and provide you an ant-free home and the surroundings.

How does Borax kill Ants?

borax for ants

As soon as the ants will consume the Borax bait, it will interfere with their digestive system and will gradually kill them.

The time taken by the Borax will be more and when the worker ant will head back to the nest, it will hence be shared by the rest of the colony. It will allow in killing more ants.

The powder is also abrasive and will further affect the exoskeleton of the ant.

One of the reasons the boric acid effectively controls the ants is that the poisoned insect will bring the poison back to their nest; hence, it will spread to the other insects.

This will help in killing the ants even in the colony also; furthermore, it won’t cost you much.

Different Borax Recipes to Kill Ants

There are various Borax recipes which can be used to kill the ants.

As alone Borax won’t be helpful in killing the ant, you need to mix it with sugar, honey, or some other sweet substance.

It will easily attract the ants to the bait; however, the bait won’t work immediately and will take time.

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Until the ant reaches the colony, it will be poisoned and will also infect the various ants in the colony; this will help kill most of the ants in the colony.

How to Use Borax for Killing Ants

Here are some of the mixtures that can be done to make the perfect bait for killing the ants; the method to make the bait is also discussed.

Killing Ants Using Borax and Sugar Water

You can mix the Borax with sugar water to kill the ants; it can be one of the most effective methods which can be taken to kill the ants and affect the colonies.

Supplies Needed: To make this liquid solution, you will require borax, sugar, and water, and then you will have to soak the cotton balls in this solution. Here is what is needed to make the solution:

  • ½ Cup (100 grams) of sugar
  • 1 ½ cups(350 milliliters) warm water
  • 1 ½ tablespoons Borax
  • Cotton Balls
  • A Jar
  • Shallow dishes, small containers, or lids (optional)

These all things are required in order to make the best solution for avoiding the ants; now follow the below-mentioned steps to make the solution:

Pour the Sugar and Borax into the Jar

Borax is the best substance that will kill ants; you should mix it with sugar in order to attract and kill the ants by using the bait.

It should be kept in mind that the ants don’t see borax as a food source, so, won’t even come near it so, you should mix borax and sugar to make an effective and good killer for the ant.

Close the Jar and Shake It

You need to close the jar and shake it; this should be done to properly mix the borax and sugar together.

Proper powder should be made of sugar and borax in order to continue further.

Open the Jar and Add the Water

You should open the jar and add water after the sugar and borax is perfectly mixed.

You can use any temperature water for this process, but warm water is recommended and will easily dissolve the borax and sugar mixture.

The water will hence turn into a borax and sugar liquid solution; this will help you to dip the cotton balls in the solution easily.

Mix Everything with a Spoon, Fork or Stick

In order to form a better solution, you should properly mix everything; you can use a spoon, fork, or stick to mix and get the best liquid solution.

The proper solution will allow you to easily dip the cotton so, you should properly mix everything.

Soak Cotton Balls in the Solution

You should soak the cotton balls in the solution and make sure to soak it properly.

The number of cotton balls which is to be used will depend on the infestation in your house.

If you have any solution left over, you can save it for the future by putting the lid back on the jar; hence, storing the jar in a cool and dry place.

Start Setting out the Soaked Cotton Balls

Proper observations of the places from where the ants come should be done os that you can focus on the ant trails.

This will help you place the cotton balls properly; this will also allow easy access of the cotton balls to ants.

This will, in turn, help the ants to get easy access to the cotton balls, further allowing you to make a proper trap for the ants.

Also, if you are able to find the place from where the ants are coming then you should seal it with epoxy putty or seal paste.

This will help in preventing the ants to come back; however this should be done after all the ants have been killed and not before.

Please Note:

  • If you don’t want the floors or window ledges to get dirty and sticky, you should place the soaked cotton ball in a small container first and then set the container out.
  • You can also use a shallow dish or jar lid.
  • Whatever you choose, make sure that the same item is not used in cooking or for food purposes again.
  • It can cause a severe reaction to humans and pets as well.
  • So, be careful while setting up the container and not using it back again for food purposes.
  • Borax is very toxic for both humans and pets.

Killing Ants Using Borax and Honey

Since ants get attracted to the sweet smell and taste, you can use honey also.

The following steps can be taken in order to make the perfect bait which will kill the ants.

Supplies Needed: The supplies needed for making this includes:

  • ½ Cup (100 grams) of honey
  • 1 ½ tablespoons Borax
  • A Jar
  • Shallow dishes, small containers, or lids (optional)

These all things are required in order to make the perfect bait.

Pour the Honey and Borax into the Jar

After collection of all the required things, you should now pour the honey and borax in a jar.

Mix Everything with a Spoon, Fork or Stick

After pouring honey and borax in the jar, mix both of them properly with a spoon, fork, or stick.

If it doesn’t get mix easily, you can try pouring some warm water and make it proper bait; this bait will help in killing the ants.

Place the Bait

After the proper mixture of Borax and honey, you can place the bait in the lid of the jar, dishes, or containers.

You can also apply the bait on cotton balls and place it; however, it should be placed on the most spotted areas.

This will help the ants get easy access to the bait, thus killing them but making sure not to use the jar or the lid again, as it can be dangerous for you.

You can also consider blocking the ant nest i.e. the place from which the ants enter the house; however, remember to do this only when all the ants are dead.

Eliminating Ants with Pest Control

The above-mentioned Borax recipes for ants can surely get the work done for you; however, they may not be 100% effective in the face of a full-fledged ants infestation.

This is where a professional exterminator comes in the picture! They can not only get rid of the infestation for you but can also ensure that they do not make their way inside your home again.

Final Words

Borax is easily one of the most economical and effective methods to eliminate and kill ants.

As mentioned above, borax takes time to react and interfere with the ants’ digestive system, thus enabling them to carry the poison to their colonies, killing the other ants in the process.

However, it should be kept in mind that the borax alone is of no use; you need to mix it with sweeter substances to create a bait and attract these ants.

Also, please make sure to take proper care while using this extremely toxic power; take adequate precautions and make sure to keep it away from the reach of kids and pets in your family.

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