How to Build a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can be very helpful and there are a lot of retaining wall ideas if ever you want to build one. When creating a wall, you must have a purpose for it. In the past, walls were created to protect a nation from its enemies. Today, walls are used to provide support to buildings and infrastructures. In cases of volatile slopes in landscapes, a retaining wall can be highly efficient to help control the soil and prevent any erosion. However, in order for a retaining wall to withstand the pressure that the sloping landscape is producing, the wall must be very sturdy and the retaining wall construction has to be done properly.

The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

As civilization advances, we want to construct more and more infrastructures. However, we are losing vacant spaces in major cities, which is why we seek for larger areas, like in remote regions. However, the landscape in these remote areas may not be as flat and stable as the landscape you will see in the city. This is where the retaining wall comes in handy.


Cut and Fill method

To build infrastructures in unleveled areas, engineers basically use a “cut and fill” method. In the “cut and fill” method, the excess edges of a slope will be cut and all the excess soil will be removed. The vacant space is now filled with materials to stop the soil from eroding. This can be troubling especially if the slope is highly unstable. If this were the case, the old filling must be removed and replaced with new filling. Compared to the retaining wall option, the retaining wall is much more economical as it is more likely to last even in the most volatile and unstable landscapes.



Even if you’re not having a retaining wall construction for a large landscape, you can still create a retaining wall of your own. It can be very easy especially if you have the right retaining wall materials. It is also important to have a concept of your retaining wall, or a couple of retaining wall ideas on how you want the wall to end up as.

Speaking of different ideas for a retaining wall, did you know that you necessarily don’t have to use retaining wall blocks alone to create a plain looking wall? There are tons of unique ideas on how to make a retaining wall look more creative and still be strong and sturdy at the same time.

If you don’t want to use the conventional concrete material for a retaining wall, you can always use timber. There are many examples of wood retaining wall ideas available and in this article we will be giving you one sample. Instead of using concrete blocks, you can pile layers of strong wood to create a hardwearing retaining wall. You can even furnish the wood to create a more sophisticated look. This design can also be a perfect example for garden retaining wall ideas. Concrete materials will look unnatural and distracting in a garden, whereas a retaining wall made from wood will look more suited for the garden environment. If you wish to see an example of this idea, you can check the website for various innovative ideas and their sample pictures. You can also see a lot of other retaining wall design examples in their useful website.

Gabion design

Gabion design

If elevation of your home isn’t as stable as you wanted it, or if you live in a hilly area, they you can always use a retaining wall to solve your problems. There are many great retaining wall ideas for a hill. One idea would be to use a gabion design. In a gabion design, large and simple stones are stacked up and are held together by a series of wires. The advantage for this idea is that it is very economical since you will be using inexpensive and natural stones as the main material. It also gives a more natural feel to your retaining wall.

There are literally hundreds of retaining wall ideas in landscaping books and home and garden websites on the Internet. However, when looking for the perfect idea or design for you, it is always best to look for an idea that has clear pictures of the design. Retaining wall idea pictures can be very helpful, as it will give you a great idea on how the design must end up looking like. You can also add your own customizations to the retaining wall ideas to give it a more personalized look.

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