Installing a Fence Around our Pool

Being a parent is one thing that many people look up to as they grow up. As for me, am I was not an exception either, I really longed to be a mother, hold my baby and see it grow. I can say I was lucky to meet with my loving husband Paul five years ago, when we got married and began a family. Four years later we got our twin girls who have become a great source of joy to us and it’s always a good feeling to be around them.

Bringing up children is a noble task that every parent who loves her children takes seriously. I personally am concerned to see my twin girls healthy and safe. Since my twin girls Allie and Kristy like playing so much, I see to it that the environment they play in is safe from anything that poses danger to them. Recently, we noted that the in-ground pool at the backyard of our house was posing a big danger to my twin girls who like to go near the pool even by themselves. For this reason my husband and I have decided to take the responsibility of ensuring that our girls are safe and putting up a fence around the pool. By installing a fence around the pool we shall ensure that the kids do not go near the pool all by themselves, and therefore protect them from accidentally falling into the pool as they play. According to, a child can drown in as little as 20 seconds. While we always do our best to keep an eye on our girls, it’s simply not possible to do so every second of the day.

new-pool-fenceI discussed the various fence types with my husband and we settled at installing a life saver pool fence, since the safety of my twin girls leaves no room for compromise and they deserve the strongest and safest pool fence. The good thing with this type of fence is that, it is reinforced with solid poles and uses the strongest mesh available. This type of a fence is easy to remove by an adult for entertainment when the children are not home. The mesh provides many years of use in all weather conditions. The fence also has got self-closing and self-latching gate options which offer added security. The round-head fasteners and rounded edges, ensure there are no sharp edges

During the installation process, we hired a professional who did an excellent job and at a relatively low cost. After the installation, I feel so much relieved from the fear that my children are exposed to the danger of drowning since they cannot access the pool by themselves. Just as you cannot drive without putting a newborn in a car seat, or having them wear a top rated infant life jacket, you cannot have a pool around your home without a fence. An un-fenced pool is more dangerous to children than a loaded gun.

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