Starting an Organic Garden

my-gardenAfter moving from the city, into our new home in the suburbs, I decided to start an organic garden. Living in the city, I was forced to buy vegetables at the grocery store for my husband, 8 year old son, and my 2 year old daughter. I actually have some gardening experience, so I figured that an organic garden would not be too difficult.

When I started, I chose a decent sized spot in the yard. I’m not huge on maintenance but have made the mistake before of making a garden too small and crowded. I figure, better to be safe.

Because I was going organic, and I was not going to be using fertilizer, I would need to make a compost pile according to the advice of the nutritionist. It is the compost that enriches the soil. I got a bucket from my garage, and started collecting leaves from the ground, weeds, and grass clippings. Luckily my husband mowed the lawn the day before so I was all set.

One I made my compost, I added it to the soil. Because the plants need to be nourished without fertilizer, I knew that I would need a great deal of compost. Next, I planted my seeds and waited for them to grow.

After a couple weeks, I started to notice a few weeds in my garden. I pulled up the big ones, however, I wasn’t too concerned with the few clovers that I found.

For the next few weeks, I took the kids outside to play, while I checked on my garden, and watered it regularly. There were a few days where it was really hot, so I went outside twice to water the garden. I did not want my growing organic vegetables to dry out and die. There were also a couple days that it rained all day. After those rainy days, I took Michael and Kayla outside to play, and we didn’t water the garden. Too much water would have drowned it, and we never would have been able to enjoy fresh vegetables.

The first plants to come up were my cucumbers and tomatoes. The cucumbers did not need much work, just some love and care. The tomatoes did need some work. I had to add a tomato cage, so that the tomatoes would grow upwards. I had to wrap the vine up the cage.

mmmm-tomatoAfter the first month of working on my organic garden, I was finally able to pick some vegetables to feed to my family. When my husband tasted his tomato, he said, “Honey, I cannot believe how juicy these tomatoes are”. I was happy that he could tell the difference between my organic tomatoes and the ones that I bought at the supermarket. To be honest, I’m pretty proud of myself and it’s allowed us to eat healthier, but I’m definitely not thinking to become a nutritionist or something.

I spent the rest of the season caring for my garden by watering it and removing any weeds that threatened to destroy my garden. At the end of the season, I was proud to say that my family enjoyed fresh vegetables for months.

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