The Pool is In – Choosing a Ladder

So you’ve decided on a swimming pool and pump. Don’t forget to budget in a good pool ladder. Pool ladders help you to get into and out of pools safely and easily. Be it in-ground pool or above-ground pool, badly designed wobbly pool ladders are prone to cause accidents and can make you lose your peace of mind easily. A pool ladder might look like a simple attachment but there are lots of important factors that distinguish good ladders from poorly designed ones.

in-ground-ladderThe single most important factor that you should consider before purchasing is safety. Being a number one concern, especially with kids, safety is a broad term that comprises other factors like sturdiness, durability, and convenience. Here is a breakdown of some mandatory features that you should look for when buying above-ground pool ladders.

This factor is directly dependent on the people who would use the pool ladder often as their weight is going to determine the durability of a pool ladder. Even though most above-ground pool ladder might look similar, they actually differ from one another when it comes to withstanding heavy weight for long duration. If you are above 300 lbs, then you might want to consider pool ladders that are strong enough to withstand such weight. The sturdier a pool ladder is the more durable it is going to be. In most cases, rugged polymer is known to provide better durability.

Non-skid steps:
ladder-stepsThis is the next important factor as the steps would always be wet. This means there is high chance that a person might skid accidentally while walking on the ladder if the pool ladder steps are non-treaded. Treading basically provides friction and makes the surface abrasive to help you walk firmly on the steps of a ladder. Irrespective of whether you are choosing a ladder for decks or pools without decks, if you pay careful attention to this one feature, you can easily prevent lots of accidents.

Sturdy hand rails:
This is another vital feature especially when children use the pool. Hand rails with uneven surface help you hold the rails firmly while using the ladder. Imagine a pool ladder without hand rails – you just won’t be able to walk on the ladder with stability. The only exception where you could just get away with some hand rails is when you have above-ground pool slides. Children mostly enjoy pool slides than using hand rails. But in any case, having durable hand rails would give you peace of mind.

Ladder step design:
Even though the purpose of all pool ladders is same, depending on the design of the steps, you would find certain models more convenient to use. If your ladder will be used only by adults, then you can opt for simple, elegant, and clutter-free design that has wider and longer steps. If your children would use the pool ladder frequently, then you might want to opt for a model with gates. Moreover, if you want to buy deck ladders, then keeping it slim and simple with non-skid foot tread would be best.

above-ground-ladderApart from the above features, you may also want to consider some basic points when purchasing. If the unit is wobbly, then you would feel nervous while getting into and out of pool. For this reason, you can opt for resin pool ladders that are usually wider and sturdier than the typical ones. Moreover, most of the resin type come with removable steps that you can use when you have small children around. It also has protection shield to prevent kids from going under the ladder. Once you fill a resin pool ladder’s little compartments with sands and gravel, you won’t have any problem in keeping it steady.

However, if you have above-ground intex pools or blown up pools, then going for a resin pool ladder may not be a right choice. Resin pool ladder are meant for pools with metal walls and not for blown up pools. But an exception is if your intex pools have metal poles then you can use resin ladders instead of intex pool ladders. Irrespective of the type of pool ladders, you might always want to exercise few basic precautions like having more than one above-ground pool ladders as swimmers might feel easy to get out of pool in case of muscle cramps while swimming.

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