Upgrading Your Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is considered to be one of the most comfortable outdoor chairs available, but you can make it even more comfortable by adding chair pads. This type of chair was first designed by Thomas Lee in 1903 because he could not find an outdoor chair that he liked. The chair is well-known for its large armrests, wide seat and sloping backrest and is made entirely from wood, including the wood slate seat and backrest. Many people agree that these chairs are extremely comfortable, but purchasing the right chair pads can add extra cushioning.

Choose the Right Color and Pattern

adirondack-chair-cushionsThere are many different colors and patterns of Adirondack chair pads available. Some of these pads are solid in color and come in a wide array of types, including white, blue, green, tan, green and yellow. There are also many different multi-color chair pads, such as those with floral, stripes, paisley and various geometric shapes. The best way to choose the right chair pads for you is to find a color that you really like and one that blends in with the other outdoor colors in your yard. Your chair pads should match the style of your other outdoor furniture, such as a table umbrella or other chair pads.

Find the Right Material

One of the most common materials that is used when designing Adirondack chair pads is Sunbrella. This material is considered to be a very durable fabric and it provides a long-lasting chair cushion. Other materials used to make the chair pads are cotton, canvas and polyester. The padding inside the cushion is anywhere from one to six inches thick. Usually the thicker the cushion the more comfortable the chair pad will be, but the quality of the cushion also plays an important role. The chair pads come with tie downs that attach directly to the chair and are used to keep the cushion in place and prevent it from blowing away.

Look for Pads with Extra Benefits

stripped-chair-cushionThe major difference in the different type of Adirondack chair pads is the various feature of the pad that is included. Many chair pads are either weather-resistance or weatherproof, but not all them. If you choose one that is not resistance to different weather conditions, you will need to remember to bring the chair cushions indoors when the weather is bad. Some chair pads are also mold and mildew resistant, which will always keep your cushions fresh. Another great feature is chair pads that include UV protection because this prevent the colors in the cushion from fading due to the sun.

When deciding which chair pad is right for you, consider all the options that are available and determine which ones are important to you. There are many well-known brands of chair pads like Oxford Gardner, Blazing Needle and Corsica and they can be found at many retail stores and online merchants. Adirondack chair pads provide just the right amount of comfort to your outdoor seating and is well worth the additional cost.

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